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Pacific Coast Chiropractic Services
Non-Insurance/paid at time of service rates are listed.  For Insurance coverage, please contact me.

New Patient Complete
Exam and Treatment

During this initial visit we will review your complete health history, perform a comp-
rehensive examination and if no further tests are needed, establish treatment goals. Typically this is followed by a Complete Treatment.

$145 (Non-Insurance rate)
Follow Up Classic Adjustment

During this follow up session we will review your response to previous treatment, determine if there are any changes in your condition and perform necessary adjustments of your spine and extremities. 

$65 (Non-Insurance rate)
Follow Up Complete

During this follow up, we will assess your progress, perform necessary adjustments, utilize physical therapy modalities such as ultrasound, electric muscle stim, cold/heat therapy and nutritional & lifestyle recommendations to help you reach your goals.

$75 (Non-Insurance rate)
Follow Up Premium

This extended sessions includes adjustments, focused deep tissue massage, modalities such as electric muscle stim, ultrasound, heat/cold/vibration therapy, myofascial release, exercises, nutritional & lifestyle recommendations to achieve your goals. 

$85 (Non-Insurance rate)
Athletic Taping

Need a quick athletic or kenesio taping before your event, or to support a healing injury? *This service is available with any follow-up visit for an additional $10.

$25 (Non-Insurance rate)

Custom Orthotics

Some patients benefit from alignment correction of the feet.This is a complete assessment of gait, foot alignment, and measurements needed for negative casting of your custom orthotics. Usually takes 2 weeks to receive. Price includes your custom orthotics 

Movement is Life!
Keep the movement in your spine and body; become well, feel good, stay well!
Hot Laser or Ultrasound Therapy

Therpay to help decrease inflammation and increase tissue healing.