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"About 3 years ago I was told that the jaw pain and migraine headaches I was having was due to TMJ. My Dentist made me some very expensive retainers and gave me a Rx and sent me on my way with no real answers.This was a short term fix at best.I was not willing to accept always being in pain as my "New Normal." I was referred to Dr.Forstie and made an appointment she explained what was going on with the TMJ and what she could do to help me. I have had great success with her treatments, and have learned how to relax my own muscles.I seldom have headaches and take no Rx. Thanks to Dr. Forstie."
- Lorie Young.
"Dr. Forstie is the best chiropractor I've ever had! She really takes the time to address muscle and other issues before simply performing an adjustment. The result is a more complete realignment of my spine and more flexibility. As a motorcyclist, I appreciate Dr. Forstie's attention to more than just my back. She taught me various stretches and exercises for my hands and forearms to address numbness I was feeling, and it's kept me from going under a surgeon's knife for several years now."
-Jim Williams
"Dr. Forstie is a knowledgeable and caring practitioner who takes a holistic approach with her clients. She runs a very efficient practice where appointments are timely and I have never felt rushed. Dr. Forstie has a passion for the work she does, taking time with each individual to provide education regarding their condition and treatment recommendations. She truly partners with her clients taking a client centered approach to develop the best treatment plan to meet their needs."
-Diana Tyler
"I have very much enjoyed the time spent under the care of Dr. Sepi. She is an astute student of human body mechanics and, due to her knowledge, she readily gets to the bottom of your issues. I'm certain to return when next my poor body needs attending. She is a wonderful soul and most definitely knows what she is doing!"
-Shayne Faire
"I have seen Dr. Forstie on several occasions for numbness and pain in my left arm and hand. Her treatments have given me complete relief and I highly recommend seeing her for all chiropractic needs. She works closely with you to identify/isolate the injury, and develops an effective plan for complete healing. In addition, she provides expert advice on strength/stretching programs to help avoid future injuries. I highly recommend Dr. Forstie as someone who truly cares about her patients' health and recovery!”
-Brian Sim
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